There’s no denying that your smile is important to you but there really is no need for you to be unhappy with it. Here are some tips and procedures that will give you confidence with your smile.

1. Tooth whitening

There are so many teeth whitening procedures that really do work! Zoom is a bleaching treatment that we use here at Church Road. The treatment works by lightening your tooth enamel in a procedure that usually takes an hour. It is proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades with the process being safe and recommended! It is important to look out for high street ‘at-home’ teeth whitening products as some can damage gums and worsen the effects of tooth sensitivity.

2. Dental implants

Dental implants work where teeth are lost. The implant works as a root in which the new tooth can be placed. Each implant is placed on the exact location of the tooth which makes for a hugely improved smile. Once the implant is fitted it makes a foundation for long term support of crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers. As you may or may not know – all the above are solutions to improving your smile where missing teeth is the problem.

3. Tooth straightening

Misshapen teeth tends to be a huge problem amongst the young population. Unless you need braces for dental reasons whilst you are young, they can be very expensive to pay for privately.

There are a variety of procedures and techniques that can be used to straighten teeth from 6 -18 months. These days they are less conspicuous compared to the big chunky braces that were available 20 years ago. Enquiring about a teeth straightening procedure is always recommended as the dentist will give you information on what will work for you.

4. Diet

You may be surprised that diet is up here with the traditional ‘dental procedures’ but your diet can have a huge effect on your smile. If you are constantly eating or drinking things that are going to have an adverse effect on your teeth then you cannot expect to have a fantastic smile. Cut out fizzy drinks and sugary foods and drink dark liquids in moderation.

To find out more about what we offer here and our tips on improving your smile then give us a call!

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