You are a branded Sugar Fanatic!

What happens to your mouth after a time if you are a sugar fanatic? The answer to this question is simple and straightforward. Your visit to the dentist becomes frequent!

The Not So Sweet Journey of Tooth Decay

Sugar-tooth ends up in high sugar consumption.

The sugar so consumed starts working the moment it hits your tongue. It reacts with saliva and bacteria to erode the protective enamel from your tooth. Enamel erosion paves the way for cavity formation.

The cavity needs to be filled; otherwise it will rot over time causing resulting in loss of teeth. Being a private dentist in Cardiff, we see a lot of people who have been victims of sugar assault.

The Cause and Effect

Sugar in the form of glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose and sucrose hits the mouth and starts reacting immediately with the existing oral bacteria.

The acid leeching that happens erodes the protective layer of the tooth – the enamel. Enamel erosion starts the systematic decay of tooth. It starts as a small plaque, but works very quickly and leads to rot and decay.

Effective Prevention

The first and foremost step in prevention is to reduce your sugar intake. Another solution is to consume calorie-less sweeteners. The next effective way to prevent the buccal disaster is to brush, rinse and floss as soon as you consume sugar.

Although the sugar starts reacting immediately, you can control the damage by following up your sugar consumption with brushing, rinsing and flossing. It prevents sugar from being deposited as a layer on the tooth and reduces the formation of plaque.

Regular visit to your private dentist and cleaning of the tooth is essential to maintain oral health. Take charge of your oral health by meeting your private dentist in Cardiff. At Church Road Dental Practice, we can help protect your teeth.

We will clinically assess and help you maintain good teeth. With good oral health you shall be able to relish your desserts with ease and comfort.

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