1) Citric fruits and juices

Packed with vitamins but also brimming with sugar, the high acidity levels in citric fruits and juices can erode enamel and cause decay over time. They contain a high concentration of citric acids which can cause demineralisation of the hard tooth surface which leads to tooth decay.

Consistent erosion can cause the needs for root canal treatments and further dental work. Although we offer those services throughout Cardiff, we don’t recommend you going through them! A good dentist will always advise you of the treatments available and the steps you can do to mitigate the effects of damaging products.

2) Sticky foods

Any sticky foods are going to affect your teeth as they tend to cling to the enamel longer than usual. It can cause enamel erosion and make for difficult cleaning. Eating certain sticky foods can leave a film over your teeth that doesn’t feel too good either!

Culprits: dried fruits, sweets, certain types of bread, sticky sauces such e.g bbq sauce.

Ensure that you floss regularly or rinse your mouth with water after consuming.

3) Refined carbohydrates

When consumed, the carbohydrates naturally turn into sugars in the mouth which results in acid production through the saliva. Why should refined carbs be avoided? They are found in almost all ‘lunch’ produce e.g. sandwiches, burgers, crisps and we eat them without directly thinking of their effect on our mouth. As we know, sugar (in all forms) is damaging to our mouth, gums and teeth.

4) Popcorn

The best of us love a trip to the cinema! Sweets, popcorn and a huge coke! However, popcorn is extremely bad for your teeth and gums. Popcorn is made from refined carbs and mostly coated with sticky toffee which affects the enamel. It gets easily trapped between teeth which promotes live bacteria and crunching on the un-popped corns are potentially damaging (and painful). Popcorn for a treat is great but even in moderation can be damaging if you don’t clean your teeth properly after eating.

5) Mints and cough sweets

Admittedly a lot of us love to have a selection of mints for when we’re feeling a bit peckish. However, constantly sucking or chewing on mints is potentially lethal for your oral health. You are coating your mouth in sugar, soaking into your teeth and effectively swirling around your tongue and gums. Try sugar free options!

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