Firstly, brushing once a day is not enough. If you check on your toothpaste, nearly all of the high street brands will tell you that you will gain maximum effect if you brush twice a day. It’s true! Think of everything you’ve eaten in the day. Whilst you are sleeping the bacteria has nearly 8 hours to sit around in your mouth. Our dental practice recommends you brush in the morning and once at night.

Secondly, flossing is important. Although we think that flossing may only be necessary after a steak dinner or a crunchy bag of crisps, it’s actually important on a daily basis.

Flossing enables you to clean in between the teeth in places where the toothbrush can’t reach. It also acts as a polish if utilised correctly. It helps maintain better mouth hygiene and enables those back teeth to be cleaned and polished!

Thirdly, intermittent use of mouthwash is good. If you don’t need mouthwash on a daily it’s still beneficial to use as an ‘extra’. There are various different brands available which means it’s important you select the brand that does the job you’re looking for. For example, some products act as an antiseptic and thus have harsher chemicals, others act as a breath enhancer.

Your mouth needs some bacteria to function and so it’s important you aren’t overusing mouthwash as it could wash away all the good bacteria leaving your mouth exposed. Consult with your dentist if you need advice on which product to choose.

Finally, your diet is important when it comes to looking after your mouth properly. A diet high in sugary products is going to affect your teeth no matter what your oral routine looks like. Sugar erodes enamel and fizzy drinks and products containing harsher chemicals will, if continuously consumed, deteriorate your mouth over a period of time. If you are a sugar addict, ensure that you’re trying to get all the good stuff in as well. Vegetables and products high in calcium will contribute to good oral hygiene.

Trust us, we’re Cardiff dentists and it really works!

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