Be sure to assess the facts about the kits before using them. The first thing to do is to consult your private cosmetic dentist. As your trusted cosmetic dentist in Cardiff, we examine your dental colouration clinically on the following parameters before suggesting the use of teeth whitening kits.


The colouration of teeth could be caused by external stain deposit from food – the main cause being tobacco in any form. It also occurs due to the deposit of caffeine from tea
and coffee as well as from tannins from wine. Teeth may be coloured intrinsically due to darkening of the internal structure of the tooth.


The shade variations range from different shades of yellow and progress to brown and grey. The effect of whitening from kits as well as from clinical sittings are best in yellowed ones, better in brown shades and next-to-nil in grey coloured teeth.

Implants and fillings

Teeth whitening kits have no whitening effects on teeth-bondings, fillings and implants that are present in the mouth. They retain their original colour. This will be conspicuous if they are in the frontal portion of the mouth.


In general, the basic principle in tooth-whitening is bleaching of stains. The standard composition for such bleaching is peroxides. It’s best to consult your cosmetic dentist to assess whether the concentration of peroxide is safe to be administered at home.


The kit should bear the certification of the statutory authority.

Clinical correlation

Periodontitis and whitening peroxides are arch-enemies. Their eternal fight can cause high levels of sensitivity and loss of tooth. Sensitivity of teeth might occur as a side-effect of using the kits, which need clinical management.

While it is generally considered safe to use tooth whitening kits from over-the-counter for their diluted composition of peroxides, it is best to consult your cosmetic dentist to evaluate the kit in relation with your clinical findings to achieve the desired sparkling white teeth.

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