Using a manual toothbrush is great for a lot of reasons:

1. They are cost effective

2. There are a huge variety

3. They are easily disposable

4. They are easily available

5. They do the ‘job’

6. They are tried and tested

So in the world of toothbrushes, the manual does the job. The age old argument of manual v electric is one with an inconclusive outcome but it doesn’t stop the majority favouring electric.

So, back to the blog and why a sonic toothbrush was the best oral investment.

Firstly, they are completely different to standard electric toothbrushes. Sonic toothbrushes have their advantage over regular toothbrushes due to the speed at which they operate. The speed alone is not the sole advantage but the air between the bristles and the tooth that act as another way in which plaque is removed from the teeth (it’s a little more complicated but you can research it in your own time).

Sonic brushes are seen to be a newer class of toothbrush and whether it works for you is purely subjective. However, for me, it changed the way I care for my mouth.

My teeth seem to feel clean all of the time and I actually look forward to brushing my teeth. The brush is fitted with sensors that allow you to time how long each quadrant of your mouth needs to be cleaned for: which fits the minimum 2 minutes recommended (although this feature is not restricted to the sonic).

I feel proud that I decided to invest in a toothbrush, something that my dentist has told me for years to do. Sonic toothbrushes, for me are the way forward and I bet if you seek advice from your dentist they will tell you what would fit best for you.

Depending on how sensitive your teeth are will depend on what toothbrush you choose but it doesn’t mean that you can’t try something new.

I have sensitive teeth and I have struggled with some electric toothbrushes as they seem to exacerbate an already painful condition. However, my sonic toothbrush seems to improve the way my teeth are feeling.

If you have any queries about what toothbrush to choose then you need to ask your dentist. They won’t give you poor advice – after all they are the experts!

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