1) Fizzy drinks

Tooth decay and enamel erosion can be caused by consumption of high sugar contents such as fizzy drinks. Some drinks can contain up to 40% sugar which is at the top end of our recommended daily allowance. The acidity levels in fizzy drinks attack your teeth for up to an hour after drinking it. The sugar from the drink reacts with the natural bacteria in our plaque which produces harmful acids.

Culprits: Fizzy drinks including diet drinks (diet drinks have an effect on the enamel).

Alternatives: Try soda water or sparkling water in moderation. If you really can’t resist – try and drink through a straw which will minimise direct contact with the teeth.

Try not to: Try not to swirl your drinks in your mouth, if you’re drinking, take little sips and minimise the sugar content following around in your mouth.

2) Chocolate

Chocolate is packed with a huge amount of sugar content and it’s no surprise that the hard, sugary product is damaging to the teeth. Although, a great guilty pleasure!

Alternatives: Peanut butter. Although it isn’t the most healthiest, it’s high in protein (which is a benefit) and contains a lot less sugar than actual chocolate. It’s also easier to eat as it comes in a spread form – most chocolates are hard and obviously, harsher on the teeth.

Try it on: Try peanut butter on ryvita or rice cakes as a healthier option!

3) Alcohol

Alcohol contains a high sugar content and can pose an increase in gum disease, tooth decay and mouth sores. Alcohol is the second most common risk factor for oral cancer so it’s important that if we want healthy mouths we aren’t drinking in excess.

Culprits: cocktails, wine and fizzy drink mixers.

Alternatives: light beer and gin (light in colour so less staining on teeth and low acidity levels)

Cava: PH level 3.5-4 so is relatively good for alcohol, (Light colour also prevent surface stains)

Finally, It’s vitally important that if you’re trying to maintain good oral health or improve the same, that you have a dentist that cares. A professional dentist who works for your needs is needed. Dentists such as ourselves that would advise you of what to do and the care to take is the first step to being on track.

How do you change: simply call us and see if we can register you to our surgery.

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