Here are 5 effective changes you can make to prevent your gums from bleeding.

1) Invest in a good toothpaste

There are fantastic toothpastes available designed specifically for gum protection. Usually a sign of periodontal disease, bleeding gums can be prevented by using a product formulated to prevent the disease from worsening.

Try Parodontax a leading toothpaste, formed from a selection of herbal extracts and fluoride which works well to prevent the bleeding of gums.

Try seek advice from a dentist on which toothpaste to use too!

2) Eat a healthier diet

Diet plays a huge part in oral hygiene. If your diet is high in sugary, acidic foods then your teeth are going to suffer! By reducing the consumption of sugary food and drinks and replacing them with nutrient and mineral rich products you should see a natural improvement in oral health.

Rather than looking at the direct effect of sugar on your teeth, gums and enamel you must look at bigger picture, relevant nutrients and minerals can make for better protection against disease.

3) Improve your dental hygiene

Improving your dental hygiene is a great way to prevent bleeding gums. By flossing you reduce the plaque build-up and ensure proper cleaning is undertaken. This will in turn, reduce inflammation that causes the bleeding. Pair flossing with regular use of mouthwash, you are covering all basis.

Also, brushing twice a day instead of once will further ensure that you are keeping your mouth clean!

4) Stop smoking

Smokers are at higher risk of gum disease due to the huge amount of toxins found in cigarettes. The toxins cause inflammation as well as staining of the teeth. Bacteria can live between the gum line which of course, exacerbates any bacteria that may be living in your mouth. If you can’t stop smoking, reduce them down and pair that with consistent brushing.

5) Stop sharing!

There is a reason why we are often told not to share toothbrushes! Gum disease can be spread from one person to the other via saliva! So if you notice a sudden appearance of bleeding gums – undertake the relevant procedures as soon as possible. Remember, kissing, sharing drinks and toothbrushes is a no-go when you want to improve your oral health.

There you have it – effective ways that are proven to reduce or eliminate the effect of gum disease and bleeding gums!

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