Here are top 5 reasons why using a dental cosmetics experts can help you.

1) Cosmetic Dental Practices offer a range of services.

The best thing about using expert cosmetic dentists is the range of services they offer. For example, if one product doesn’t best suit you, there will an equally effective alternative – one that can provide you with the same results whilst being best for you. We offer a variety of ways that can improve your smile – all of which come with professional, friendly consultations!

2) Cosmetic and ‘normal’ dental practices

Our dental experts provide cosmetic dentistry in Cardiff as well as using normal dental practices. We are a fully qualified team ranging from dental associates, dental hygienists and restorative specialists. This means we can provide you with full consultations and recommendations, basing all advice on our expertise. This can provide a more rounded service for our clients. If you wanted basic dental advice, we can provide it – as well as the options for cosmetic dentistry in Cardiff, should you be interested.

3) Tooth straightening

Tooth straightening is a popular procedure, one that can have a drastic effect on your smile. Dental cosmetic experts, such as ourselves can offer orthodontic or tooth straightening treatments using both fixed braces and clear aligners. Treatment takes on average, 6 months which is considerably less than ‘normal’ braces as it’s only fixed onto the teeth that you want to move. Why is this a benefit of using expert cosmetic dentists? We are fully qualified and passionate about what we do!

4) Impartial Advice

Dental experts are there to provide impartial advice. For example, if you undertook a consultation for cosmetic dentistry with an idea of what you wanted (say, dental implants) if we thought that it wouldn’t work for you – we would tell you! We ensure that the procedures you are looking for are always 100% right for you.

5) Build Confidence

As we have said, dental cosmetics are mostly wanted to build confidence. The ability to smile freely, to feel happy speaking to people and to instil confidence from within. Our promise here at Church Road is to ensure that you are happy at all times. We listen to your aspirations and utilise our skills to deliver you the best treatments for your needs.

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