1. Dentists give good advice

One of the most important reasons to see a dentist is for the advice that they provide. Your own personal dentist is able to give you their advice based on the status of your own mouth. Of course, you can google the best ways to maintain oral hygiene or to best care for your teeth but tailored advice and recommendations based on your circumstances are invaluable. With good advice comes confidence and with a set direction it will enable you to properly care for your mouth and assure you that you are on the right path.

2. Regularity

Regularity, when it comes to visiting a dentist is vital. The reason dentists’ stress the importance of annual or bi-annual visits is to prevent any damage to the teeth. Dentists are dissimilar to doctors. To see a doctor is usually an emergency but to see a dentist in an emergency is usually too late. Maintaining regular contact with your dentist will enable them to assess your teeth and mouth before a problem arises. Dentistry is a preventative measure. If you don’t visit your dentist then how can you possibly asses how well you’re caring for your teeth?

A professional, local dentist in Cardiff will tell you how often they recommend you visiting them based on your teeth and your mouth at that time.

3. Fear can be conquered

For many people, visiting the dentist is terrifying. Thousands of people will do everything they can to avoid visiting the dentist because of a deep routed fear that they will be caused pain. However, we are here to assure you: fear can be conquered. Not every visit to the dentist will involve you having a filing or a root canal. Not every visit will involve pain. We promise, we are professionals and we will only conduct certain procedures if it is absolutely necessary. For us, a general check up with no further action is just as important undertaking a filling.

4. Toothpastes and Toothbrushes

As dentists we are able to recommend certain products that would suit your needs. Most people wouldn’t know if they are brushing their teeth correctly which in some instances is vital in maintaining the correct level of oral hygiene. Transitioning from manual to electric may be needed or switching to a sensitive toothpaste may be the answer to your continued mouth pain. How would you know what works best for you if you never visit a dentist to find out?

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